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Rich, smokey flavours, all cooked on site in our 400°C oven!

Fresh Pizza made       for you, by hand.       It's what we do best.

Pizzas Traders produce Neapolitan style pizzas made and cooked to order in our very own wood fire oven. 

Our oven runs on wood, giving the pizzas a smoky and unique flavour. The temperature operates at around 400°C, which allows the pizzas to cook in two to five minutes (depending on the queue!). 

Our customers can watch the whole process of their pizza being made from rolling, to topping, going into the fire and being sliced. All creating a unique street food experience for our diners!

You will find us trading at a variety of events up and down the country!

We travel all over to bring you the best

Find out where we'll be

Hire Us!

Like what we do? 

Why not experience fresh pizzas made by our chefs at your event? Simply get in touch and we'll do the rest. 

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